Usage Policy

Article 1: Coverage
1. This service usage policy (hereafter, “the Policy”) for the application software called “SCAN IT!” (hereafter, “the Application”) provided by Dentsu Inc. (hereafter, “the Operator”) applies to the usage of the said Application.
2. The Policy is enforced from the time when a user downloads and installs the Application in the procedure specified in this Policy to the device on which the user utilizes the said Application.
Article 2: Presentation of the Policy and Other Information
1.The Policy is presented to users by displaying it on this Web site, and by other means, as necessary.
2. Any other necessary information shall be notified to users through this Web site or the Application whenever the Operator deems it to be necessary.
Article 3: Alteration of the Policy
1. The Operator may alter details of the Policy without prior notice to users. If any Policy alteration occurs, the terms and conditions governing use of the Application and its services (i.e. obtaining information and coupons through the Application, hereafter, “the Service”) shall be governed by the new version of the Policy.
2. The altered Policy will be enforced at the time when the said Policy is displayed on the Application, unless otherwise specified by the Operator.
Article 4: Users
1. Herein, a user refers to an individual who is entitled to use the Service through the Application upon downloading and installing the Application in accordance with all the provisions of this Policy. An individual who has installed this Application is deemed to have accepted all the provisions of this Policy.
2. A user may utilize the Service provided by the Application and this Web site only in accordance with the Policy.
3. The user may unsubscribe from this Service by deleting the Application from the user’s device.
Article 5: Users’ Responsibility for Preparing Devices
     A user shall prepare the communication device(s), computer(s), software, and any other equipment required to use the Service, at the cost and responsibility of the said user, in order to use the Service.
     At the same time, the user shall prepare the telecommunications environment required to use the Service at the user’s own cost and responsibility, and shall access the Service through the telecommunication carrier of the user’s choice.
Article 6: Service Provision by the Operator
1. The Operator may alter, suspend, or cease the Service, in whole or in part, whenever the Operator determines it to be necessary. Should the alteration, suspension, or cessation of the Service, in whole or in part, occur, the Operator shall not bear any liability to users in any form.
2. The Operator shall be able to alter the specifications and rules concerning the users’ usage of the Service without prior notice, when the Operator determines it to be necessary.
3. The Operator shall be able to delete or alter the user contents without prior notice, and shall not be liable for maintaining a record of such contents. Also, the Operator shall not be obligated to retain the user contents permanently, to provide copies of such contents, or to guarantee confidentiality of the user contents.
4. All the users shall accept that advertisements will be included as a part of this Service.
Article 7: Principle of Individual Responsibility
1. This Application and the Service are provided to be used at the user’s own risk and responsibility. The Operator shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to users upon usage of the Application and the Service, nor be liable to pay compensation for such loss or damage.
2. If the Service provides links to external Web sites or contents and a user experiences loss or damage by using the said external Web sites or contents, the Operator shall not be liable to pay compensation for such loss or damage sustained by the user.
3. If a user experiences any problems concerning a third party, such as receiving a complaint, the user shall resolve the problem directly with the third party and the Operator shall not be involved in the process of the said resolution in any way.
4. If a user causes loss or damage to the Operator or a third party by using this Application and the Service, or by non-fulfillment of the obligations specified in this Policy, the user shall be liable to pay compensation, including the cost of lawsuit and attorney fees, for such loss or damages to the Operator, or third party, at the user’s own expense and responsibility.
5. A user shall be responsible for the confidentiality of the said user’s own account information, which is registered and set to use the Service. The responsibility for actions performed through the user’s account and password are deemed to attribute to the account owner’s use. The Operator shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by misappropriation of a user’s account.
Article 8: Fair Use of Copies and Trademarks
1. Copyrights to all work related to this Application and the Service, including data items, information, text, comments, software; and all the data items distributed by the Service and presented on this Application, including images, text, and movies, belong to their respective owners, including the Operator and third parties, such as the provider of the copyright work. A user shall use such work strictly within the scope permitted in this Policy and its respective usage terms, and within the scope of fair use of copies designated in the Copyright Act.
2. All trademarks, registered trademarks, service marks, and logo marks included in the Service belong to their respective owners, including the Operator, e-book providers, and other related parties. A user shall not use such items without consent.
3. A user shall not require a third party to perform any actions that breach the above two clauses within this Article.
Article 9: Prohibitions
A user shall not perform any of the following actions concerning the Service:
(1)Actions that infringe or may infringe the copyrights, trademark rights, and any other intellectual property rights of the Operator or a third party.
(2)Actions that infringe or may infringe the property, privacy, portrait rights, and any other rights and profits of a third party.
(3)Actions that submit or display obscene materials, child pornography, child abuse, or equivalent materials in image, text, or any other formats.
(4)Actions that modify or delete the Operator’s or a third party’s information that can be accessed through this Service.
(5)Actions to utilize this Service by disguising the user’s identity.
(6)Actions to submit malicious computer programs or to place a third party in a position to receive malicious computer programs.
(7)Actions to: Submit electronic mail containing advertisement, solicitation, etc. to a third party without consent; Submit electronic mail containing offensive contents or equivalent to a third party; Prevent a third party’s reception of electronic mail; Request to submit chain electronic mail; and Submit such chain electronic mail by responding to such a request.
(8)Actions to make an unauthorized access to the facilities of a third party or of this Service and cause obstruction in use or operation of the Service. Actions that may cause the said access or obstruction are also prohibited. The facilities herein refer to the telecommunications equipment, electronic computers, other equipment, and software prepared for the Operator to provide the Service (hereafter, “the Facilities”).
(9)Other than described in the above items within this Article; Actions that breach laws, bylaws, the Policy, and the public policy; Actions that interfere with the operation of the Service; Actions that damage the Operator’s reputation; Actions that infringe the Operator’s property; and Actions that provide adverse impact on a third party or the Operator.
(10)Actions to create a link to a Web site etc., where the materials fall under the definition of the above Item 1 to Item 9 within this Article.
Article 10: Suspension of the Service
1. The Operator may temporarily suspend provision of the Service without prior notice to users in the following cases:
(1)When conducting regular or ad hoc maintenance of the Facilities in providing the Service.
(2)When provision of the Service becomes unavailable due to fire, power cuts, etc.
(3)When provision of the Service becomes unavailable due to an act of nature, including earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, and tsunami.
(4)When provision of the Service becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, including war, commotion, riot, civil disorder, and strikes.
(5)When the Operator determines that it is necessary to suspend the Service due to other operational or technical reasons.
2. The Operator shall endeavor to operate the Service constantly as designated in the Operator’s specifications; however, the Operator shall not bear any further obligations. Therefore, the Operator shall not bear any obligations for loss or damage sustained by a user or a third party due to delay or suspension of the Service caused by any of the cases described in the above items in the previous clause, or any other reason.
3. The Operator may stop or restrict usage of or access to the Service in all or in part, or may alter the Service contents, with or without the consent of users. Even if a user or a third party sustains loss or damage due to the said Operator’s action, the Operator shall not bear any obligations concerning such loss or damage.
Article 11: Personal Information
1. A user’s personal information used for this Service is handled according to the Privacy Policy.
2. The Operator shall use the personal information of a user obtained in connection with their use of the Service exclusively for operating and managing the Service. The said personal information includes the user’s nickname, location information, the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) given to a mobile terminal used by the user, the log of information obtained by the user, and the log of information exchanged by the user. However, the Operator may disclose the said personal information in the following cases and a user shall agree with such disclosure.
(1)When the user has consented with such disclosure.
(2)When required by law.
(3)When required by a public authority with due reason.
Article 12: Cancellation of the Service and Deletion of Registration
1. The Operator shall be able to cancel usage of the Service by a user and/or delete related user registration without prior notice, if any of the following cases applies:
(1)The user has breached Article 9.
(2)The user has breached any of the provisions specified in this Policy or any other rules provided by the Operator.
(3)The Operator determined that the individual is not qualified to be a user of the Service.
2. A user shall be able to delete their user registration from the Service at any time by undertaking the designated procedure.
Article 13: Cessation of the Service
1. The Operator shall be able to cease the Service in all or in part with a specified period of preliminary notice. The said preliminary notice shall be presented on the Application or by any other reasonable means. The Operator shall not bear any responsibility for loss or damage sustained by a user due to the cessation of the Service.
Article 14: Settlement of Disputes
If any doubtful point arises in interpretation of the provisions in the Policy; usage of the Service; or issues not designated in the Policy; the Operator and the user shall endeavor to consult in good faith and reach a mutual agreement.
Article 15: Exclusive Jurisdiction
In the event any dispute arises between the Operator and a user and the parties bring such dispute to court, the parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.
Article 16: Governing Law
This Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

End of Document
Enforced: April 21, 2009